The Final Day

After the spending the best 29 days of my life in London, it was down to my final day. I was terribly sad. I did not want to go! I honestly could have stayed in London forever and been happy. I did miss my family though and Walmart.

My first stop of the day Kings Cross. I kept thinking about how I wanted that postcard from the 9 3/4 shop, and I didn’t want to have regrets about not getting things. Therefore, I made the trip back that morning to get my postcard.

Next, I moved on to Covent Garden Market. It was in a cute little area, and there was a nice flower swing right outside of it. Also outside of it was a street performer. He was making jokes about people as they walked past, and he was pretty funny. Therefore, I decided to stop and watch him  for a bit. He also promised some magic, which is always fun. After a few minutes, he started his show. It was mainly a comedy show, but he also did a card trick and a trick where he found a spike under a cup. He made it interesting by smashing his head into the last one, with a fifty fifty chance of there being a spike underneath. Thankfully, there wasn’t, and he didn’t die. His magic wasn’t that great, but the comedy made up for it. He was one of the best street performers that I saw.

After he finished, I headed into the market. I didn’t have much time because I was going to meet Cassy and Renee to feed the ducks at Hyde Park. I had a little walk through though. There were a lot of cool things that I wanted to buy. I ended up having a huge impulse buy and got flower crowns. I’m not even a fan of flower crowns, so I don’t know why I did that. I also have no idea when I’ll wear them, but I’m sure I’ll find a place to wear them to eventually.

With the morning coming to an end, I headed back to moonraker to meet up with Cassy and Renee for feeding the ducks in Hyde Park. Cassy had some leftover bread that she wasn’t going to eat, so we were going to go feed it to the ducks instead of throwing it away because the first option is much more fun!

Cassy needed to write some post cards before we left, so I continued to do some packing while we waited for her to finish up. When she had finished, we walked to the post office, dropped them off, and then headed back to the tube station to get to the park.

We decided not to walk all the way to the end again because walking is hard. Instead, we sat and fed the ducks that were by the boat house. There were some that were very greedy and ate all the food, some that didn’t care about our bread, and some that really wanted food but the bigger ducks kept getting to it first. We tried our best to help the little ones out, and in the end, they were able to get some food too. There were also a couple ducks that I accidentally hit in the head with bread. I felt a little bad, but it happens. They should just be happy they got free food. We also accidentally threw some bread on one’s back, and it was interesting to see him try to get it off.

Because my friends are rude, they threw bread on the ground next to me, so that the pigeons would come closer. They also tried to chase the pigeons towards me or push me towards them. My fear of pigeons in London is real! They are just far too bold, and I was not about that!

After we ran out of bread, we just sat and chilled for a while enjoying the view. Hyde Park was beautiful, and it was sad to think that this was the last time I would be there for a long while. It was still hard to believe that it was my last day. I didn’t want it to be true!

After we had all gotten our fill of ducks and the outdoors, the three of us hopped back on the tube. Cassy and I headed to the Imperial War Museum while Renee, who had already been, headed back to moonraker to pack. Like Renee, Cassy and I hadn’t finished packing, so we decided that it would have to be a quick trip to the museum.

When we arrived, we made the decision to head to the Holocaust floor and then leave after we had gone through that exhibit. Obviously, this was a super depressing exhibit. I’ve learned about the Holocaust in school and been to the Holocaust Museum in D.C. However, I can never get over just how terrible of a time in history this was, fathom how the world let this happen, or understand how we haven’t learned from it. It is a heavy topic but one that I am fascinated by. I thought that the museum was fabulous. It had models of what the camps were like, first hand accounts from people who were there, and a lot of items from the camps or the war. It was really neat! It wasn’t quite as good as the museum in D.C., but that’s pretty high standards.

It turned out that the Imperial War Museum was just a short walk from moonraker. It probably would have been faster to get off at Southwark than the stop that we got off at to get there, but it’s fine… We got back in plenty of time to do our packing. A couple people had scales to weigh suitcases with, so I borrowed those. I wanted to check on multiple ones because they were cheap, and it just made me feel better to check on multiple devices. It was surprisingly easy to stay within my weight limit, but I’m pretty sure that my carry on was just as heavy as my check in. Maybe heavier…

After all of us finished packing, we decided to head out for our last night in London. We headed to Queen of Hoxton in Shoreditch because we heard it was a fun place to be. We took the bus there because it was the fastest route, and the bus let off right by the club. I’m all about convenience.

The club was like nothing else I have ever been to before. We headed up to the rooftop, observing the graffitied walls on the way up, where they were having a headphones party, so instead of playing music, everyone listened to it on headphones. It was interesting to observe without headphones on. Everyone looked quite ridiculous dancing to no music.

After being up there for a little bit, we decided to head downstairs. It was Renee’s first time going out, and I think she was slightly overwhelmed. Downstairs was pretty empty, but when the closed the rooftop, it started to fill up downstairs. We just had a good night, dancing and having fun. They played some pretty good songs, and Sorry by Justin Bieber was a crowd favorite. It was really fun, but essentially, it was just a glorified frat party.

When we decided we had enough, we headed out. We didn’t know where the bus stop was, so we had to look it up. It was a little bit of a walk, but it wasn’t too bad. At one point, we were running through the streets of London. I don’t know why we did that, but it was a good time. It ended up being a good thing that we went for a little jog because when we arrived at our bus stop, the bus was sitting there. It was excellent timing. On the way back, I couldn’t help but think it had been the perfect ending to my time in London. I couldn’t have asked for a better night or a better trip!

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